A Nation So Divided

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As the United States descends further into a state from which there is no return with the damage done by the Republicans and the Trump Administration we are left questioning can America be saved? For the past forty years or so the trajectory this nation has been headed is far away from the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans. For years the United States has been led by the steady hands of oligarchy rule. The rule of which has striped away the moral fiber that held this nation together. When states take it upon themselves to disengage from the union and when the rule of law is no longer not by the majority the vision that our founding fathers had for this nation has morphed into an unrecognizable shallow entity of its former self.

economyMany of us can remember a time in the distant past when this nation was held together by four fundamental principles. It is these corner stones upon this nation was built. In the years since I was young there has been a slow and steady evaporation of the character and soul of this nation. What is happening today continues a blatant assault on the heart of America. No longer are we as a nation held together with an unbreakable bond of loyalty, comradely, compassion, and benevolence toward all. We have been purposely led down a path not of our choosing.

When we think of what the United States has meant to the world in times of extreme peril the spirit of America always came through right up until Truman's blunder during the Korean War. It wasn't until the 1960's that we saw the festering of discontent toward governmental disingenuous policies, especially our involvement in Vietnam. With the assassination of both John and Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King only further pushed this nation apart. It is quite possible these tragic events were all part of a predetermined chain of events.

The orchestration of uncharacteristic policy directives especially in education and Supreme Court rulings continue to have detrimental effects being felt all across this nation today. The very heart of America has been silenced by the will of an established oligarchy ruling class. Is it too late for the United States to change the course we are headed? Or can we make that course correction in time to save the very soul of America?

To answer these most concerning questions depends of the leaders we choose. So far all indications have only proved our inability to make the right choice in the people we elect. When we have both parties engaged in, especially in this past election cycle from the primaries to the general election, so much corruption is a tell tale sign that our whole democratic process has also become corrupt. Is it our own inability to come together and realize that only one plan of direction can save ourselves from ourselves? Let us hope not.

A plan of direction that would rally this nation to give light in an otherwise darkened world. A world darkened even more so by the Trump Administration and a government of self serving bureaucrats. Our nation needs a unity of purpose once again. A purpose that only National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation can bring. It is our fundamental right, our obligation and our duty to respond as a nation to bring about the course correction that only through the enactment of National Economic Reform will do.

When we think about those four building blocks, the very corner stones of our nation, liberty, justice, education and morality have all succumbed to the political will of a self serving government. When we look around today we see that the United States is being led to the brink of implosion by corporate greed, political corruption, our elected officials ineptness and our own apathy. Despite what this present Administration and the media keep reporting we are faced with a very uncertain future. We have been going through a sociological and economic deterioration unparalleled in our history.

Today, we are witness to a government that is holding the American public hostage. Our President and many of our elected officials have become so self absorbed with an ideology that is very reminiscent of Nazi Germany. The real concern is that when a government of the people and by the people has morphed into a body of self serving bureaucrats America's days are numbed. We have to always remember the Jefferson Prophecy and what it states for the future of this nation. This is why it is so vitally important that we recognize how this plan of direction, this National Economic Reform with its Ten Articles of Confederation can save the future of the United States and bring not only us but for the rest of the world generations of stability, prosperity and security.
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