Orthomolecular medicine is a form of vitamin woo based on nutritional supplements The name was picked by Linus Pauling , in his Vitamin C quack period , to mean "the right molecules." He hypothesized that "substances that are normally present in the human body" are therefore good, so high doses will treat disease. Orthomolecular Medicine is about proper nutrition which is something that few addicts engage in. If drug addicts or alcoholics eat at all, it is usually something cheap and readily available. Since 1996, an orthomolecular regimen of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, energy and enzyme co-factors, essential fatty acids, hormones and antioxidants has complemented my antidepressant-anxiolytic medication (an extract of gingko biloba).

This ebook consists of evidence based materials covering such topics as theories of aging, free radicals and antioxidants, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and triglycerides, joint support, natural management of menopause and PMS, disease management, immune function and detoxification, melatonin and human growth hormones.

Therapeutic dosages of nutritional supplements, appropriate diet, and safe detoxification are the primary tools used in orthomolecular psychiatry to support the body's own ability to heal. Orthomolecular medicine also helps the patient to make a more informed understanding of the pollutant-laden environment and ended the processed foods that contain more nutrients.

Though enthusiastic about this program, in several of his publications and speeches on the topic Pauling took pains to present orthomolecular therapy as being an adjunct to, and not a replacement for, traditional methods such as psychoanalysis, antipsychotics, and antidepressants.

The maintenance of health and the treatment of symptoms and diseases is thus based on a change in the concentration of substances in the human body that are normally present in the body and is necessary for health. Treatment claims include benefit for a wide range of disorders (eg, cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, autism, psychiatric disorders).

Illustrative of the broad scope of orthomolecular micro nutrients is the fact that nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene and selenium are found to be useful to prevent cancer but are also in the fight against cardiovascular disease of great significance.

Besides the fact that our foods are often stripped of vitamins and minerals, are also particularly toxic pesticides a major concern. For example, Vitamins C and B12 are widely used in orthomolecular medicine. Therapeutic doses of vitamins can be effective even without deficiency.

Orthomolecular medicine holds that health is the result of optimal nutrition, capable of supplying an optimal biochemical environment to all cells in the human body, being that the disease is no more than the product of an environment that has become unbalanced and chemically altered.

As for most vitamins, there are clear benefits to appropriate amounts, and supplementation sometimes shows benefit for people in impoverished environments with inadequate nutrition, but the evidence does not support benefits for supplementation of healthy people with adequate diets or clear benefits for treating non-deficiency diseases.

And that is why it is important to convey to the American people and their doctors that orthomolecular medicine is an already established strategy for putting Nutrition First in medical diagnosis and treatment. This nutritional approach helps maintain good health, improve health through proper diet, and cure and treat illness.

Klenner claimed to have cured many people of many diseases, including polio, with mega doses of vitamin C. He wrote many research papers on cases involving either self-administered vitamin C or of others he claimed to have treated, but he did no studies involving Calda Clinic control groups or randomization and his work is largely ignored outside of the orthomolecular world.

Though by no means the first to investigate the properties of the nutrients contained in foods, or the first to consider the medical application of nutritional supplements, his contribution to our understanding of how nutrients work in our bodies and how supplements can affect our health, has not been matched, either before or since.
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